1ST OFFENSE DUI requires a minimum of 24 hrs to 10 full days of mandatory jail time which is to be determined by the Arizona court if convicted of DUI in Phoenix. The legal blood alcohol limit or BAC is 0.08%, so by legal definition anything above this mark is considered a violation of Arizona DUI Law.

Your Arizona driving privileges may be suspended anywhere from 90-360 days. You will also be required to have an interlock device installed in your motor vehicle, as well as a minimum of $250 in State and City fines.

SECOND DUI OFFENSE will typically require longer jail time requirements with a minimum of 30 days of required jail time and a maximum of 90 days. Your DUI fine will be a minimum of $500, and you will be required to utilize an interlock device in your vehicle along with a 1 year drivers license suspension.

THIRD DUI OFFENSE is a much more sever penalty in terms of jail time and fines. Your minimum jail time requirement is 4 months minimum, a 1 year drivers license suspension, interlock device requirement and a minimum of $750 in fines.


Definition of Implied Consent — Under the Arizona Driving  law, any individual who has the right to drive a vehicle in the State of Arizona offers agree to the State to test the driver's blood, breath or pee to focus BAC if an officer of the law  has "sensible grounds" to suspect DUI or that a man under age 21 has any measure of liquor in his or her body. 

This law is arranged at A.R.S. 28-1321(A), which states: 

A. A man who works an engine vehicle in this state gives agree…  to a test or tests of the individual's blood, breath, pee or other real substance with the end goal of deciding liquor fixation or medication content if the individual is captured for any offense emerging out of acts affirmed to have been submitted infringing upon this section or area 4-244, passage 33, while the individual was driving or in genuine physical control of an engine vehicle while affected by inebriating alcohol or medications. The test or tests picked by the law-requirement office might be controlled under the bearing of a law-implementation officer having sensible grounds to accept that the individual was driving or in genuine physical control of an engine vehicle in this state, either: 

While affected by inebriating alcohol or medications. 

In the event that the individual is under 21 years old, with spirituous alcohol in the individual's blood stream.


A DUI can happen to anybody from any walk of life. A DUI conviction can be life changing and in many cases career altering, especially if you are a professional driver. In that event, a commercial driver BAC is 0.04% with the same penalties mentioned on this page for Arizona DUI. This is the reason you need experienced Phoenix DUI lawyers to represent you in order to achieve a much better result concerning reduced charges, penalties and in some cases a DUI dismissal.