DUI Lawyer vs. Public Defender

Many people often question what the main differences are between going with a public defender and a private Phoenix DUI lawyer. There is a huge difference between a public defender in their approach to your legal representation versus a private attorney. The first thing you must understand is that both attorneys are either practicing on their own or work for a DUI law firm. As DUI attorneys graduate law school there are different options for them. They can practice on their own, or go to work for another law firm. Law firms often have newer attorneys handle their state contracted cases. This means that these attorneys or DUI law firms have a contract with the state to handle cases for individuals who cannot afford a Phoenix DUI attorney on a flat fee that is paid to them by the state. This can be true for individual practitioners, or Phoenix DUI attorneys that work for another law firm as an employee. In this aspect they are one in the same.

In many cases, each law firm can represent both private clients and their fair share of state appointed clients to keep consistent revenue flowing through their law firm. For an attorney, the real money is in representing private clients. The private clients are willing to pay good money for quality representation. When an attorney takes on a client given to them by the state, the pay does not compare to the fees they can obtain from a private client. Therefore, let’s just say they are not very motivated financially to do their best work.

Making the decision to go with a public defender is risky, however once in a while you will get lucky and find that young hot shot attorney that is willing to pay his dues and make a name for themselves because they are thinking long term, meaning eventually practicing for themselves, or doing what’s right for their clients to hopefully gain referrals from the individuals they represent on state appointed cases. There can be other types of motivation depending on the mindset of the public defender.

A private Phoenix DUI lawyer has a vested financial interest in your case because they want to do a great job in hopes of getting more private referrals, establish a great online reputation for people who both know who they are and for individuals who do not yet know who they are in the event someone who needs a good Phoenix DUI lawyer is looking for someone like them increasing their chances of getting hired.

Hiring A Phoenix DUI Lawyer vs. Hiring a Phoenix Public Defender to Fight Your DUI