The Benefit of a free consultation when hiring an attorney 

Whether you are going to hire an experienced Phoenix DUI attorney in Arizona, you should find an attorney that will provide you with a free consultation. Let’s face it, law firms and Phoenix DUI attorneys are a dime a dozen so you want to choose the DUI attorney that has the expertise, experience, and a personality that works well with yours. It is also in your best interests to retain a Phoenix DUI lawyer who will fight for you with passion and represent you well. You may find that many of the attorneys you talk to on the phone or meet in person can meet many of your requirements and expectations, but lack personable service.

If you are in a position where you need an expert Phoenix DUI attorney to legally represent you, you may want to explore your options. It is important not to settle for the first person you meet unless you really feel confident that they can not only meet your needs but you feel like it’s a great fit for you. Meeting with at least 3 different law firms or attorneys can help you understand your case a little bit better, but also give you a good gage and solid perspective of your case and where you stand according to the law. A free consultation from 3 different law firms can always give you a better insight into your case and be helpful in your quest for finding the right Phoenix DUI attorney.

Talking with more than one law firm can also give you a good idea of the market concerning your case and price. You can explore which Phoenix DUI attorneys are priced too high, or too low. Just because a Phoenix DUI attorney is offering a great price to legally represent you does not always reflect the quality of legal representation that you will receive for your hard earned money. Hiring an expert Phoenix DUI attorney who is simply too expensive doesn’t always mean you are retaining the best attorney you can pertaining to your case.

Here are some simple things to consider before you hire a lawyer:

Are they prompt and on time?
Do they listen well?
How much experience do they have?
How many cases have they handled similar to mine with success?
What are other people that have used them saying about them?
Are they personable?
Can I reach my attorney any time?
How quickly do they respond to messages?
Will they put my best interests first?

These are the questions you should ask or at least have in your head. Many answers can be found by looking up their reviews online, videos that they have produced to gage their knowledge and expertise, and their websites to determine other factors in deciding whether or not you should hire them.