Phoenix DUI Defense Attorneys - Extreme DUI / Interlock Device


The very first thing to consider will be the expertise and experience of the Phoenix DUI attorney.  There are several attorneys which make Drunk driving defense the main emphasis of the law practice.  This really is beneficial simply because they typically understand how the court will rule according to the proof of the situation.  Additionally, they also are fully aware of how a state may wish to "offer" if you need to plea deal your case.


Extreme DUI laws and regulations are broken whenever a driver is driving a car having a Blood alcohol content level of .15% .  Extreme DUI culprits with alcohol consumption levels between .15 or higher will face Extreme DUI consequences in Arizona .  For individuals unlucky enough to become sentenced to extreme DUI, under the prior legislation, they would previously have to serve Thirty days in jail, prior to any extra jail could be halted.  Now, an extreme DUI defendant has only to serve 9 days in jail if they provides their automobile with the ignition interlock unit.


Phoenix DUI attorney, lawyer, law office, driving under the influence faced with drunk driving in Phoenix Arizona, AZ get helpful tips along with a free of charge appointment on by phone or in office let us help you overcome this major problem.  When one is arrested for a DUI it generally means that the automobile motorist was intoxicated by medications or alcohol. 


If a driver finishes a breathing or blood stream examination that suggests an alcohol content level of .08 higher, it is considered a DUI .  A BAC of .15  or higher can result in an Extreme DUI in Arizona and may require certified ignition interlock device is a breath alcohol screening device attached to the key and power system in the automobile.  Declining a criminal breath testing sobriety test can be helpful in avoiding a charge.


The fees and penalties are usually harder the greater your bac (Blood alcohol content) and may also be harder when particular 'aggravating' elements are included, for example having a minor kid (younger than 15) in the vehicle, using a suspended/revoked driver's license, or getting several Drunk driving convictions in the time the DUI stop.  At the very least, the fees and penalties for any  First-time DUI  with a Blood alcohol content affter someone admits he or she is guilty or found to be guilty following the trial, the Judge will enforce a sentence.  The district attorney and also the defendant’s attorney will each have the opportunity to share with the Judge the things they believe ought to occur.