In order to have the best possible fighting chance when it comes to Arizona DUI defense you should really consider retaining a Phoenix DUI lawyer for man reasons:

1. Experience - An experienced Phoenix DUI lawyer can be of tremendous value when facing your DUI charge. The benefit of retaining an attorney with experience in handling DUI crimes in Arizona is the fact that they have represented many people in your same situation. They have a thorough understanding on how to best approach your case and their advice can be crucial in how you proceed with your DUI defense. An experienced Phoenix DUI attorney also understands the laws, fines and penalties associated with Arizona DUI crimes. Depending on your situation, they can give you a realistic view of what you are facing concerning your DUI charge.

2. Playing for the fumble- In Arizona, the DUI laws and guidelines are very strict concerning drunk driving in Arizona. Your attorney has a much better chance in helping you than a public defender or representing yourself. Your Phoenix DUI lawyer can look at the police report, and also determine if there were any violations of the arrest procedure or DUI arrest guidelines that each officer must follow in order for your charges, guilty or not to stick in the court of law, so this is what we mean by playing for the fumble.

3. They will fight for you - When you hire a private Phoenix DUI lawyer, you are retaining an individual you are comfortable with who has your best interest at heart. Their job is to fight for your freedom and represent you on your behalf. Often times a Phoenix DUI Lawyer can make a difference in your case simply by who they know at all levels of the law and depending on the circumstances of your Arizona DUI case. Otherwise the State prosecutor only sees your case in black and white. Your Phoenix DUI attorney can help them be understanding to your circumstance and present your argument with compassion, and integrity.

4. Plea Agreements - In many cases, some attorneys or public defenders will recommend their clients take a plea offer or plea agreement concerning their Arizona DUI. Employing the expertise of an experienced Phoenix DUI lawyer can have more value than you think and just because a lesser plea was offered does not mean that you should take it, remember it is still a DUI conviction and supporting evidence or lack thereof can be the determining factors for you Phoenix DUI lawyer, The right Phoenix DUI lawyer may advise against the plea assuming they truly feel they can beat the DUI or earn a lesser plea on your behalf than what was already offered.

5.Fines & Penalties - Hiring a Phoenix DUI lawyer can be beneficial because they have the ability to get your fines and penalties reduced, and sometimes even waived depending on the circumstances surrounding your case. A good Phoenix DUI lawyer can also get a reduction in time spent in jail depending on your particular case, however if convicted you will at least pay and serve all minimum fines, jail time, and penalties.